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ABLF Engineering

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                                                                                                                                                                Our History

ABLF Engineering started as a friend group, we designed cars since 2010. we bought our first factory at 2018, since then we created our first prototype ever, we call it the “Colossal Machination”
it was HUMONGOUS, both of its potential and its size. since then, with the invention we did we knew the possibility and potential of what we can do. we started producing cars at 2024 and broke the Guiness World Record for the most sold car in a year (2025). we went beyond of what we thought would be possible, we went to create a concept of a Jet at 2027, after several months designing, testing, reimproving, we finally created the first type of Aircraft, it went successful! even the military loved it“It was fast and powerful” “Controlling the Aircraft is like a breeze, i felt zero turbulance!” The lieutenant said. After the military approval of our finest piece of engineering, we started producing Private Jets at 2029, thats the history of our slogan “We build Jets, and many more…”

One of our founders, Brian, have an idea to expand our economy. “Lets create more stuff, from hardware to software” he said, after having couple conferences, we decided to expand our manufactures, from creating trucks, helicopter, to creating an application designed for helping managements. After couple of ideas we tried to make, all of it went well. and even today, we still experimenting and innovating future pieces of technology. everyday, at the conference room we always say: “Back to the drawing board!”.